Facts About Plascon Paint

With more than 130 years of experience in the paints and coating industry, Plascon has a proud history and legacy in Africa.

It all began with humble beginnings in 1889 when a young Welshman, Herbert Evans arrived in the shanty mining town of Johannesburg with a cart, ladder, and paintbrushes. All those years ago he embraced the core values that Kansai Plascon still strives towards today - to design products that improve the lives of customers through constant innovation.

Evans re-invented the coatings industry by pioneering world-firsts in the paint industry, including the earliest "ready-mixed" coloured paints and revolutionary "best elastic carriage varnish". It was this spirit of innovation and a total dedication to designing products that solve the needs of the coating for customers. Plascon has introduced many ground-breaking products, including the legendary Plascon Double Velvet which became famous for its luxurious velvet finish.

Decorative Coatings 

We develop innovative products that improve the lives of our customers. These innovations include washable, stain, scratch-resistant paints, paints that promote well-being, and paint that is eco-friendly for a sustainable future. We strive to make a lasting and ever-positive impact on people's lives with game-changing paints that lead the industry.

Industrial Coatings 

Our products are designed to not only meet a diverse range of requirements across multiple industries but to do so in an environmentally sustainable manner. With the highest standards of durability, corrosion resistance, and a variety of finishes, our coatings are designed to handle everything that life can throw at it.

Automotive Coatings 

In the automotive business, we don't just meet the highest standards for rust prevention, longevity, durability, and colour, we design products that allow our partners to expect more. Through innovation, collaboration, and 24/7 on-site support, we are able to design products that dramatically reduce the life cycle cost for our business partners.